The CitySprouts Model

CitySprouts School Partnership Program is designed to build our partner schools’ capacity to integrate school gardens as an instructional resource for teachers, an effective and engaging means for food and health education for students, and as a unifying center to strengthen school communities and family involvement.

Our garden educators provide 10 hours of support to schools each week, meeting with teachers in grade-level staff meetings as well as individually to help them develop and implement garden-based extensions to their core units in science, English language arts, math and other subjects. CitySprouts garden coordinators ensure that each schoolyard garden is planted and maintained throughout the growing season.

CitySprouts supports teachers’ peer-to-peer learning through our Teacher Forum webinar series and through visual demonstrations of garden lessons and activities created by teachers and for teachers.

Read more about outcomes and evaluation in our latest School Partnership Snapshot.

Our Partners

Our partners in this work are the public schools and school districts we serve. Our underlying principle is that integrated garden-based learning needs the support of teachers, schools and district leadership if it is to make a meaningful change in children’s health and learning.