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CitySprouts Middle School Program provides a unique opportunity for young people ages 10-14 to learn firsthand about the natural ecology of their local environment, starting with the school garden. Through the summer and after school, middle schoolers explore the intersection of ecosystems, food systems and social systems in their community. Our program is designed to make positive changes in young people’s food systems knowledge and healthy food choice, deepen their interest in science, technology engineering, math (STEM), and help build a foundation for healthy social emotional skills. 

After-School Program in Cambridge & Boston

CitySprouts 15 week after-school program for middle school youth is held at all four Cambridge Upper Schools as well as the Orchard Gardens Pilot School and the Higginson Lewis K-8 in Boston.

Summer Program in Cambridge

CitySprouts’ tuition-free summer program is held at the four Upper Schools in Cambridge. In this month long internship, youth tend and harvest their school garden to make a healthy lunch for themselves, explore the science of the garden and discover ways to make their community a better place to live. Each intern who completes the internship receives $100 to mark what they’ve learned and the contributions they’ve made to their school and neighborhood.

Program Partners

CitySprouts’ middle school programs would not be possible without our Summer Program fellows and our collaboration with Commonwealth Corps and Cambridge Youth Programs.