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Mark you calendars on Thursday, April 7 for Dig It! 2016, a celebration of garden-based learning. Enjoy food, drink and live music as you meet children from CitySprouts partner schools and hear the stories of how their educations have been transformed by the school garden.

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Dig It! 2016

75 Northern Avenue Boston MA 02210

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Available Now: Ripe for Change

Ripe for Change: Garden-Based Learning in Schools, by CitySprouts Executive Director Jane Hirschi, reveals a wealth of resources to show how garden-based learning is being implemented in a systematic way in public education, and offers next steps to widen and deepen the practice to reach children in all schools. Taking a big-picture view of the school garden movement and the state of garden-based learning in public K-8 education, the book frames the garden movement for educators and shows how school gardens have the potential to be a significant resource for teaching and learning.