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CitySprouts introduces school gardens as a core element of children’s education. We partner with public schools to ensure that hands-on learning, environmental stewardship, and the experience of growing and eating food becomes part of every child’s experience.

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Astonishing: Four middle-school boys start their own school garden

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Available Now: Ripe for Change

Ripe for Change: Garden-Based Learning in Schools, by CitySprouts Executive Director Jane Hirschi, reveals a wealth of resources to show how garden-based learning is being implemented in a systematic way in public education, and offers next steps to widen and deepen the practice to reach children in all schools. Taking a big-picture view of the school garden movement and the state of garden-based learning in public K-8 education, the book frames the garden movement for educators and shows how school gardens have the potential to be a significant resource for teaching and learning.